Marine 3 Ice Bust

Ice Control

The Advantages of our Ice control product


Treatment for Ice control

By the blending of our patented Marine 3005 anionic surfactant made of seawater and calcium chloride we can now offer the market a cost effective environmentally friendly de-icing agent.

De-icing/Anti-icing – MARINE 3 ICE BUST provides effective de-icing/anti-icing when applied either before or after a severe frost or snow storm. When used prior, it inhibits the bonding of snow and ice to the pavement, making it easier for snowploughs to clear roads down to the bare pavement. When used as a de-icing product, Marine 3 ICE BUST will quickly begin to melt snow and ice, breaking the bond by de-agglomerate calcium chlorite creating a sticker solution keeping chemicals in suspension with an non slippery surface. by reducing internal and surface tension of the water.

MARINE 3 ICE BUST delivers a solid performance in — its’ exothermic quality causes it to release heat during the chemical reaction. It is also hygroscopic: it draws in moisture and resists evaporation. These two key factors make it a versatile product for year-round maintenance programs in snow removal and industrial purposes.
  • Wetter sticker due to wetting and agglomerating of chemical partials in water.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It reduce the buildup of scaling i.e. limestone in water lines and nozzles.
  • No consent required due to permitted activity non corrosive or dangerous.


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