Marine Fire

Fire Control

The Advantages of our Marine Fire wetting, emulsifying and foaming agent 3 in 1


MARINE FIRE is primarily used in the pre-treatment of water and benefits in reducing of surface and interfacial tension: The quality of water & it’s properties are manipulated in an entirely natural way neutralizes the magnetic charges, reducing surface and interfacial tension. Increased adhesion of the liquid to a solid particle, resulting in a powerful wetting agent Allows for water and oil-based droplets to break down into finer globules and to stay in suspension for longer, resulting in powerful emulsification

Prevention of particles to cluster or agglomerate together, thus resulting in powerful de-agglomeration

  • Emulsify burning oil based materials with Fire Fighting water
  • Wet carbon surface which forms on burning matter surface.
  • Give cooling
  • Reduce water requirement
  • Suppress smoke and gases in water improving vision and health.
  • Reduce / prevent re-combustion
  • Reduce time to extinguish the fire
  • Small dosages required save cost
  • Bio-degradable and environmentally friendly
  • Longer shelf life than other fire retardant surfactants saving cost.
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