The Advantages of our wetting agent in the Agriculture sector.

  • Greater contact and reduction of wax on leave nutrients absorption can be increased by photosynthesis.
  • Wetting in dry conditions can be increased up to 3 times allowing plants more time to absorb moisture.
  • Fertilizers can be reduced due to better absorption into plant through leaves stem and roots.
  • Reducing of fertilizer allow for better soil bacterial breaking down nutrient locked in soil available to plants rather than nutrients leaching into ground water. Marine grow assist with soil bacteria and availability of nutrients.
  • Our Marine 3005 approved by Zespri Kiwi fruit industry and used by consultants to farmers proved that herbicide and pesticides can be reduced to 50% due to better wetting and emulsifying wax coating on plants increasing absorption into plants.
  • Marine 3005 reduce the binding of clay allowing oxygen into the soil for better bacteria growth and healthy roots.
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